The Power of Radio and Television

We have long-standing relationships with the radio and television stations,
so be assured that we’ll get you the best on-air package for your budget!

Radio is accessible.
Radio is intimate.
Radio is the pulse of the community.

Radio is the most readily available, powerful medium to get your message across to the widest audience of potential clients.

Radio can reach more people, more often, in a more cost-savvy way than any other medium, because of its diversity and target-driven nature.

See, at Echo:

  • we KNOW Radio and Television,
  • we KNOW which demographic groups they reach,
  • we KNOW how they divide these groups by age, gender, LSM, area and language,
  • we KNOW how to combine these groups to get you the best results.

“Choosing the right radio and television stations to get the job done properly, could be complex, tedious and somewhat daunting… well at least it was, UNTIL NOW!

Television is rich.
Television is popular.
Television captures the senses.

Television‘s success lies in the impact of the visual images.

Television reaches the largest audience in the evening.

New advertisers often think Television is out of reach… because they believe “it’s very expensive and only big companies can afford it”…

With a superb concept and experienced copywriting and production team, along with:

  • clever packaging and
  • the right choice of channels for your brand and budget…

Television will work for you, SUPERBLY!

“Sure, you may not have an exact idea of whether to go big Radio station, small Television programme or a bit of both, but that’s where Echo can help.”